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“Your best stay and service in Nerja”


Welcome to BookNerja´s secure online bookings

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Our system with online bookings are securly connected to Bankia, one of the largest banks in Spain.

To make a booking in an encrypted connection like this is the most secure way available today to make a payment as you never hand over your card details to anyone and you proceed with your card´s normal security and finalize everything in a protected enviroment.

Before you begin, please make sure that your card is open for payments abroad and via Internet. This is a setting you control in your own bank´s Internet settings. Otherwise your bank will prevent you from making the transaction. Also check that there are sufficiant funds on the card.

As soon as you mark something you want to book in our system, the system makes a preliminary booking so that no one could beat you by being quicker during your booking. Once you proceed to the bank pages you have around 20 minutes to finalize the booking before the bank drops the session. This should be more than enough if you proceed in one go. Please note that during the bank session you can NOT use the Back-button as this cancels the bank connection and you will have to start all over again. In that case it takes a while for our system to let go of your preliminary booking so you may have to wait a while if this was the only available alternative.

The bank pages are in Spanish but we hope that will not be a problem as it is only card details to be filled in.

We hope that with these simple guidlines, you will find the best things to book in Nerja within what we offer. We have the best products and the most secure reservation procedures so we look forward to see you as our guest.


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